What Your Attendance Says About You

Written by: Stacy Leone on June 13, 2016

If there is one thing employers value most, it is employees who show up on time and do not call out of work often!  Obviously there are times when calling out is a necessity.  However, when an employee falls into a chronic pattern of coming in late and calling out often, they may find themselves heading for the EXIT….

Attendance is one of the top work ethic values that an employee should have and that is valued most by an employer.  If you are not there to perform the job you were hired to do, no matter what level of skill you have and how qualified you are to perform the job at hand, your value decreases tremendously if you are not there to work.

This great article posted by Chron.com lays out the impact of an employee’s attendance on a company.  Work ethics go a long way, and if an employee has a strong work ethic they will ensure their value to their employer and find great success in the workplace!