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Temporary to Permanent Placement

A temp-to-perm solution provides a flexible option for your company when you are looking to bring on a New Hire.  During this probationary period, our clients have the ability to evaluate job performance and make a more educated hiring decision.  Using our services offers a great “Try before you buy” benefit to your company and saves you money from having to throw a larger than usually amount of money at candidates before knowing their level of performance.

As for the Job Seeker, this is an opportunity to get a first-hand look at certain characteristics of a company that you might not have observed during an interview.  Is this somewhere you really want to work?  Is it going to be a good cultural fit for you?  You have the opportunity to can take the temporary period to evaluate a company just as the company is evaluating you!

For more information on how BesTemps can better service your needs, please contact us at any one of our three locations…You can also click on the above “Contact Us” submission form to get a quick response!  Job Seekers, go to our “Job Postings” link and apply today!

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