Resume Length…How long should it be?

Written by: Stacy Leone on April 17, 2016

Resumes today can be tricky. It can be agonizing trying to figure out what job history is relevant to the career path you are trying to pursue! There are so many “rules of thumb” to go by when creating your resume. Should I put my Education before or after my Work Experience? Should I have an Objective or Overview at the top? What can I put in that will stand out for this recruiter to get my foot in the door for that all important next step, the interview?

There are so many sites available now to help you navigate through the process of building your resume…but which one is the right one? In my research to find some answers for myself and to stay up on some of the trends that are out there, I stumbled across this article on In a nutshell, it breaks down the length your resume should be based on the position you are going for as well as your experience level.

It’s a quick and easy read, and trust me, based on my experience and some of the resumes I’ve seen, it’s a MUST READ for anyone who is updating their resume!