Carpenters: Bridgeville, DE

Category: Carpentry, Construction

Currently seeking Carpenters for opportunity in Bridgeville. DE…

  • Primary responsibilities
  • Gather materials for workers to handle on job sites.
  • Keep job sites clean and machines serviced.
  • Cover services with plastic material to protect them.
  • Cut and install insulation.
  • Cut and fit tile or linoleum.
  • Spread adhesives on flooring to prep for tile.
  • Build scaffolding, shoring, and braces.
  • Cut timber and lumber to specified dimensions.
  • Hold timbers, lumber, and paneling in place for fastening or cutting.
  • Drill holes in lumber.
  • Hold plumb bobs, sighting rods, and other equipment, to aid in establishing reference points and lines.
  • Assist in the layout of foundation, building lines and anchor bolts.
  • Set hollow metal doors and frames.
  • Install toilets.
  • Install trim and cabinets.
  • Place and set slabs and sidewalks.
  • Unload materials from trucks.
  • Assist with slabs and elevated structures.
  • Frame wood.

**Bridgeville DE areas* *

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Skilled Construction Labor – Cambridge, MD

Category: Carpentry, Construction, General Labor

Currently seeking individuals for Skilled Construction Labor positions in Cambridge, MD.

Basic Knowledge/Job Requirements:

  • Assist in building structures for residential, business, and construction sites.
  • Participate in demolitions.
  • Remove debris.
  • Service machines, including pumps, compressors, generators, tractors, and trailers.
  • Mix concrete.
  • Pump concrete, grout, cement, sand, or plaster.
  • Use spray guns for application of material to ceilings or walls.
  • Assist construction managers.
  • Operate air, electric, and pneumatic drills.
  • Operate pavement breakers; jackhammers; earth tampers; concrete, mortar, and plaster mixers.
  • Experience with Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing
  • Experience with building stairs

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