Career Surveys Can Help!

Written by: Stacy Leone on April 11, 2016

I can remember when I was in high school taking a career aptitude test and thinking, “What the heck is this test going to tell me about what I should be doing with my life??”  However, when I think back to my results, it was pretty SPOT ON!  Sometimes checking in with a personality quiz or a career survey can make you really think about not only what you’d like to do, but what career path might best suit you! 

This Career Quiz from the Princeton Review was one that I came across one day while doing some online research for recruiting and it gave me some pretty interesting results.  The Quiz is 24 questions and pretty simple to complete.  I actually took it a couple of times and got the same results!  For a little insight, take it and see what your outcome may be…Who knows, you might think about making that career move a little sooner than later!