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about us

Established 44 years ago, BesTemps has been and continues to be a leading provider for temporary and permanent job placement on the Eastern Shore.  We are very active in the local communities, ensuring we are building the right relationships.  Our number one goal is to be a gateway for people & local companies- adding value to the lives on the Eastern Shore. 

We pride ourselves in relationship building with our clients.  Once a client has signed on, they immediately see our commitment to follow through and go above and beyond to make them 100% satisfied with our services.  When we place an employee on a job, we don’t stop there!  We always follow up with our clients as well as our employees to make sure everything is going well and all parties are satisfied.  It is always a goal to send employees on assignments where they may have the opportunity to gain permanent employment with the client.  Nothing makes us happier than to see one of our temporary staff become a permanent staff with a client.  

Because of our long lasting connections in the Eastern Shore, we are able to satisfy staffing needs in a multitude of industries.  We have a large network of employees that are diversified in many skills.  No matter who the client is, we will be able to send them an employee that matches their skill requirements, and quickly.  You don’t just stick around 40 years by accident.  You earn it.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with the business community on the Eastern Shore and to continue to be part of it’s growth.  

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